Dark Sky Lighting - Energy Waste

It has been estimated that 30% of all US outdoor lighting is being directed skyward as waste. Conservatively estimated at $1.5 billion dollars in wasted electricity yearly, this 30% requires the burning of 6,000,000 tons of coal each year to generate this electricity waste (Estimated by the International Dark-Sky Association).


Many properties are already over lighted. In some cases, full cut-off fixtures will require less power to achieve the same illumination because light is not wasted by shining into the atmosphere.


According to studies by Dr. Syuzo Isobe, a professional astronomer from Japan who has been doing research to correlate the most recent satellite photos of the earth at night with the amount of energy loss due to the light being lost to space, the following losses have been measured:

Washington, DC = 41.8 million kilowatt hours / year

Baltimore, MD = 29.2 million kilowatt hours / year

Philadelphia, PA = 48.5 million kilowatt hours / year

New York, NY = 136 million kilowatt hours / year


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